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The media has lost the benefit of the doubt — and they are angry about it

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On "The Kate Show" this weekend, Kate Dalley called out media who make accusations against people for questioning emotionally charged images and news stories. Even though news outlets commonly put “alleged,” “unverified,” and other qualifiers on images, the media pretend that they know everything there is to know about photos and that people shouldn’t question them.

When a story involves a child who is suffering, the media play the emotional “trump card” because “they want to demonize everyone who asks a question about the photo,” Kate asserted. She used the example of the drowned Syrian boy who was found on a beach and whose image sparked outrage about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Kate used the analogy of a court case where photos are being used as evidence. Obviously, people would be expected to ask questions about the photos, such as where they were taken and what the context was.

“Can you imagine somebody saying in court, ‘We’re not going to go after the killer, because that would mean we’re not honoring the person who was murdered’?”

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