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This GOP congressional candidate knows the ‘horrors’ of socialism firsthand

Glenn Beck
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Chris Herrod, a congressional candidate vying to fill Jason Chaffetz’s seat in Utah, joined Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to share how he and his wife experienced socialism in Ukraine and to warn people never to let it come here.

Herrod, who is running against Provo Mayor John Curtis and businessman Tanner Ainge in the Republican primary, met his wife in Ukraine, and they both know that socialism hurts people instead of helping.

“All that system does is lower the care for everybody,” Herrod said, describing the “horrors” of a system that provided mediocre care without other options. “For me, it’s not theoretical.”

Socialism weakens the family and will eventually leave the society morally bankrupt, Herrod asserted.

Republicans who are hesitating to repeal the Affordable Care Act need to realize the dangers of socialized medicine and remember the promises they made to Americans. In the 2016 election, GOP candidates up and down the ballot vowed to repeal Obamacare and stop health care costs from rising.

“The confidence in Congress has been lost,” Herrod said.

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