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This is the one cliche all Christians should stop using

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As I explain in my podcast today, one of the great problems facing the Church is the cliche-ifying of Christianity. Modern man has come up with a whole series of semi-spiritual slogans and sayings which he puts in place of true Christian doctrine. The funny thing is that he often does this in the name of rejecting what he calls "man made religion." For him, any Christian teaching that predates the 1970s is "man-made," and any trite platitude he picks up from a Facebook meme or a trendy pastor in skinny jeans is real and true. It's precisely the doctrines that were made up by men 25 seconds ago that he considers authentic, and the doctrines that began with Christ and the Apostles that he dismisses as "man-made."

Of these new age pseudo-Christian cliches, few are more groundless or dangerous than this: "All sin is equal in God's eyes." This is something I hear all the time, and recently, I seem to be encountering it with greater frequency. Often it's accompanied with comparable statements like: "Sin is sin" and "X sin isn't worse than any other sin." This episode will hopefully dispel this harmful theological myth.

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