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Threats of North Korea growing and the possible collapse of China looming

Buck Sexton

Mike Opelka, filling in for Buck Sexton, discusses the latest on North Korea with author and Forbes contributor Gordon G Chang. North Korea has begun working on a new missile program working with weapons, now capable of reaching the United States and other nations.

"This is a threat we know will mature within the first term of President Trump," Gordon says. He explains there may come a point in time where we'll have to deal with North Korea however we have to keep the eyes on them and not draw them to us.

Gordon also shares with Mike more about his predictions that China is leading itself to collapse. He mentions how the Chinese state is becoming unstable with it's economy that is presently growing at maybe half the reported six-point-seven percent rate.

"They've been creating debt five times faster than GDP. They have an incomplete leadership transition ... and they've got a military which is becoming much more influential in policy circles. None of this is taking China in the right directions and I believe the country is fragile," Gordon believes.

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