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Three words every homeowner dreads: 'We have mold

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On this week’s episode of  “40 Acres & a Fool,” Cam Edwards describes the moment of hearing three words everyone dreads: “We have mold.”

His wife called for him and used his full first name, Cameron, “so I knew it was serious,” he said. “There was a panicked look on her face.”

Cam explained how the layout of his house wasn't well thought-out and the placement of bathrooms was an afterthought. He mentioned how a couple of months ago, he found a leak in his bathroom's plumbing going from the pipe to the toilet. Although uncovered and repaired quickly, the leak caused an unexpected amount of damage and stress.

"It wasn't a bad leak and we discovered it fairly quickly, so we thought everything was cool. Everything was not cool," Cam said.

He discovered that the mold had infiltrated the baseboards and the flooring and had possibly crept under the flooring.

"So we are now dealing with mold in our bathroom and getting ready to yank out at least part of the flooring," Cam said ruefully. "One of the things that they did when they did put indoor plumbing in the 70s [is that] the bathroom floor isn't level."

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