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Throwback: Glenn got in trouble for saying this word on air in the ‘80s

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Words like “crap” and “hell” now seem conversational in a media setting, but they could be cause for termination in the early days of talk radio.

Controversial radio personality Don Imus joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Friday, inspiring a discussion about how much on-air obscenity standards have relaxed since his earlier work.

During his first job in radio, Imus was fired for saying “hell” on the air, Pat Gray remembered. “Put that in context from 1968 to today,” he said.

Glenn Beck shared a story about how he got in trouble for saying “crap” on the air in 1982.

“I got a full-page memo saying ‘I don’t know who you think you are,’” Glenn said.

He described one of Imus’ famous pranks – calling McDonald’s to ask for 1,200 hamburgers to go.

“[Imus] got into a lot of trouble for it,” Glenn said. “Everything is over the top now. Back then, nobody did that.”

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