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Trump’s latest poll numbers aren't good -- can he rally new support?
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Trump’s latest poll numbers aren't good -- can he rally new support?

President Trump is at a crossroads as his approval rating plummets to the lowest levels imaginable. With the failure of last week’s Republican health care bill and multiple resignations, leftover allies in the White House and the media are slim to none. With 58 percent of the country now disapproving of Trump’s performance in his first six months as president, analysts say a dramatic shift on Capitol Hill is on the horizon, and it’s what Trump desperately needs if he hopes to salvage what remains of his presidency and to garner future support.  Around 20 percent are Trump loyalists while 16 percent are on the fence about the president’s performance, or “somewhat approve.” “Somewhat disapprove” is at 10.9 percent while “strongly disapproves” is at 47.4 percent.

Could this mean he’ll be reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats on tax reform and other issues? Maybe, but it could cost him his base.

With the help of the president’s new chief of staff, John Kelly, a Trump “pivot" as some of the media are calling it is very possible, but it’s not without risk. Some say if Trump panders too much to the center he’ll lose his support which according to FiveThirtyEight, is about 36 percent.

Today on “Pat & Stu” the guys breakdown FiveThirtyEight’s calculations and whether or not Trump can rally the support he needs to get things done.

“Here’s the issue. It’s not really that his approval rating is low. His approval rating is low. That’s not a huge deal, right, at this point.” said Stu Burguiere.

The real issue should the president pivot, Stu argues, is that “he risks losing people from the soft approval side.” FiveThirthyEight also predicted Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the presidency were 71.6 percent compared to Donald Trump at 28.6 percent.

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