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Trump's Mar-a-Lago continues to hire foreign workers, which does follow the law -- technically

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Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach resort, is in the news again for attempting to hire foreign workers.

U.S. law states that any establishment may advertise their openings for jobs but if they can’t find enough Americans to fill those jobs, the company may hire foreign workers after they’ve advertised the vacant positions and proved they were unable to fill them with Americans workers.

The resort, in accordance with U.S. law, sent out an obscure newspaper ad during “Made in America Week” looking for cooks, waiters, and housekeeping personnel for the winter social season and requested that all applicants apply by fax machine.

Today on “Pat & Stu” the guys discussed the laws regarding foreign workers and the president’s promise to limit low-skilled workers even though Mar-a-Lago continues to hire them on the basis that there aren’t enough qualified U.S. residents to fill the positions.

“First of all, nobody even looks at the newspaper anymore. Certainly, not classified ads. And hardly anybody even subscribes anymore. So, virtually no one saw this classified ad,” said Pat Gray.

Those who hold H-2B visas may apply if a company declares there aren’t enough qualified American workers to fill the vacant positions.

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