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Twitter challenge: what was the #ReasonforDallasSirens?

Mike Opelka

Last Friday Dallas residents were forced to endure odd sirens throughout the night, preventing sleep for many. In the wake of missile strikes in Syria, Mike Opelka found the sirens somewhat disconcerting, particularly due to the fact that there was no apparent reason for their occurrence.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, Mike created #ReasonforDallasSirens in the hopes that people might be able to reveal the cause and shared some of the suggestion on Saturday’s "Pure Opelka."

Here are a few:

@FakeChrisCruz tweeted, "Jeffy took off his shoes #reasonforDallassirens."

@PavlovzCat tweeted: "Someone is in @LawrenceBJones3 Blue Bell Ice Cream #strappedLawrence."

One Twitter user made it personal, blaming Stu Burguiere and his being a Philadelphia Eagles fan for the cause of the sirens.

“I'm going to give him a pass," Opelka said. “The only problem with getting mad at Stu for being an Eagles fan is his team stinks on ice. So, you gotta feel sorry for him, you can't do anything else."

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