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Was the Fresno shooting terrorism?

Daily news newspaper headline reading terrorism concept. (TheaDesign/gettyimages)

This weekend on "Reform This!" Dr. Zuhdi Jasser examined the latest racially motivated murder of three in Fresno, California, by black Muslim Kory Ali Mohammed. Jasser said this appears to be a hate crime that has little to do with terrorism, but it does intersect with terrorist acts for a number of reasons.

He said that the left is quick to label domestic mass shootings on civilians as terrorism no matter the motivation of the assailant.

"Terrorism by definition is the desire to inflict fear upon a population," Jasser said, "on non-combatants through acts of wanton violence."

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State clearly inflict terror in their political and religious mission to invoke Sharia law and to create Islamic states, and also "to withdraw the effects of America upon Muslim majority lands." Jasser does not believe the violence in Fresno quite fits into the definition of terrorism.

He viewed this attack as a result of a radicalized black identity movement that happens in prisons and isolated communities. They inflict terror but are not strictly terrorism.

"These cases are not going to fit into one box," he said.

They intersect, however, because collectivists on the left use marginalized groups as arguments against the right. In "racializing" Islam, which is actually a faith and not a race, they have collectivized Muslims into an Islamic identity movement that sometimes uses violence to achieve its aims.

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