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Was this armed man near Trump Hotel a threat? Here's what happened to him

Pat and Stu
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A Pennsylvania man was arrested inside the Trump International Hotel on Wednesday after the authorities received a tip about a potential threat.

Bryan Moles, 43, had an assault rifle, a handgun, and 90 rounds of ammunition, a local NBC outlet reported. The Secret Service said that the agency worked with D.C. police to investigate a "report of a potential threat against Secret Service protectees." Moles was charged on two counts of not properly licensing and registering his weapons.

On Wedneday’s “Pat & Stu,” Brad Staggs, Jason Buttrill and Kari Malinak analyzed the report and wondered if the man had had any malicious intent with bringing the weapons.

Jason pointed out that the media tend to overreact whenever a story involves someone with a gun. “This is not a lot,” he said of the 90 rounds of ammunition, trying to put the amount into perspective. “This is literally what you would take to go to the range.”

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