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What’s the story behind Rubio and Ivanka Trump’s awkward hug?

Pat and Stu
Mark Wilson / Staff

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) and first daughter Ivanka Trump unwittingly gave Twitter users the perfect social media meme during an encounter on Tuesday.

The two were pictured appearing to attempt to hug awkwardly, and of course, Twitter had fun with the image. The first daughter was meeting with Rubio and other GOP senators that day to discuss family-related tax reform.

The “Pat & Stu” guys looked at the Marco Rubio-Ivanka Trump hug controversy on Thursday’s show and read some of Rubio’s tweets explaining the incident.

“Look at the awkwardness of that embrace,” Pat Gray said with mock seriousness.

Stu Burguiere put on his conspiracy theorist hat to analyze the story: “This photo’s a false flag, and I’m embarrassed.”

Pat added, “We think those are both actors.”

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