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Why is Kim Jong-un not 600 pounds?

(KNS/AFP/Getty Images)

A discussion of President Kim Jong-un turned into an analysis of reality TV Monday on “Pat & Stu.”

The guys talked about North Korea’s leader, wondering why he hasn’t continued to gain weight when he has unlimited resources at his disposal. If you can have any food you want without consequences, wouldn’t you gain weight?

As supreme leader, Kim Jong-un could have people carrying him around, Jeffy Fisher pointed out.

Pat Gray hypothesized, “It may be that he’s not trying, and his body metabolism is just comfortable there …” Pat knew from experience what happens, “because I stopped trying, too.”

Stu Burguiere was surprised that having a life essentially without limits hadn’t affected the North Korean leader more.

“There’s limitations built into your life, and there’s limitations built into Jeffy’s life,” he said. “With Kim Jong-un, you’re ruling a country where you can do anything you want.”

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