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Yaron: Proposed immigration reform is 'central planning' -- here's what should happen instead

Mike Opelka
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Immigration reform was introduced last month by President Donald Trump’s administration, and much debate ensued. The RAISE Act, which stands for Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy, would establish a point system for evaluating persons applying for H-1B work visas.

RAISE awards points for various attributes a potential immigrant might possess, such as the ability to speak English and having a place to work or study once they arrive in the United States.

Yaron Brook, filling in for Mike Opelka, asked on “Pure Opelka” today, “Why is it any of your business who comes to work for me, who comes to visit me?” Brook, who emigrated to the U.S. from Israel, believes the country would benefit from a more open policy favorable to anybody who wants to work.

He said Trump’s plan feels too much like “central planning” and the government’s only job is to protect its citizens, not to infringe on his individual right to decide who is and is not a good employee or guest.

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