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Zhudi Jasser warns about the rise of Islamism and compares it to this period in history

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The most recent instance of vehicular jihad on London Bridge is just "the tip of the iceberg," Dr. Zhudi Jasser cautioned on "Reform This!" this weekend. He condemned apologists and minimalists of Islamic terror, who frequently say things like "More people were killed in Chicago last weekend" in response to every attack.

"Islam is in that time in history that Christianity was," Jasser said, referring to unrest that can become the seeds of reformation. He called for a Muslim push back against theocracy, admitting it took the West 1700 years to get through its own religious and political reformation.

He also warned that the majority of Islamists are non violent, but instead focus on winning majorities in their nation's elections to bring about a political shift. It's "the cold war on steroids," he said.

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