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WATCH: Panic, Politics & Profit: Sneak Peek at Glenn's Most 'Dangerous' Chalkboard

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A "Glenn TV" Special

Glenn Beck kicks off two weeks that will begin to expose the biggest story in the world. The government response to COVID-19 has changed everything. From how we live our lives and operate our businesses to how we interact with our friends and families, and now to what we are being mandated to put into our bodies.

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro joins to explain why, beyond the major ethical and constitutional concerns, the Biden mandates are futile and what private businesses can do to fight back.

Then, Glenn heads to the chalkboard to give a sneak peek at what he calls "the most important chalkboard of my life … and maybe my last." Where did COVID-19 come from? Who profited and gained from its spread? Why was there such a coordinated attack on cheap therapeutics? And at the beginning of the pandemic, how did some of our own government officials respond?

The unmasking of one of the most corrupt cover-ups in our lifetime begins now.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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