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Candace Owens targeted after Trump retweets comments to Glenn Beck — here's what she said

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GoFundMe even suspended the conservative commentator for disagreeing with the liberal narrative

Candace Owens, Blexit founder and "Blackout" author, came under fire after President Donald Trump retweeted a video clip from "Glenn TV," in which she and Glenn Beck dared to discuss the full character of George Floyd, whose death in Minneapolis police custody has sparked violent protests against police across the country.

On Sunday, GoFundMe even went so far as to suspend Candace from its platform, where she had raised at least $200,000 for a conservative business owner in Alabama, because she told Glenn she disagrees with the left's narrative that Floyd should be held up as a hero for black Americans.

Watch the video below to hear Candace explain in her own words:

Watch the full interview with Candace Owens here.

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