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Mark Levin: America is FAST becoming a 'spiritually blind' Marxists nation


Call it Antifa, BLM, or 'environmental justice' — it's American Marxism

To hear the Left tell the story, Karl Marx was a revolutionary hero preaching class warfare between the haves and the have-nots. In reality, Marx was "spiritually blind," argued BlazeTV host Mark Levin on the most recent episode of "LevinTV."

Levin dismantled the Marxist movement taking hold in our country under the banners of Antifa, BLM, or "environmental justice," and exposed how Marx perverted the value of the human spirit, soul, and mind — everything that makes each of us unique and special.

Watch the video clip below as, piece by piece, Mark rips the cover off the perversion that is American Marxism and exposes their hollow religion.

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