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Mark Levin RIPS media coverage of Rittenhouse trial: 'This is what happens when you have a mob that demands MOB JUSTICE'


Want to see what mob justice looks like? Consider the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse as the closing arguments end and the case is laid in the hands of the jury.

After being chased and attacked during the Kenosha riots two summers ago, Rittenhouse defended himself, shooting three people in the chaos. As the prosecution concealed key FBI video that exonerates Rittenhouse, they still attempted to paint him as a murderer.

But as BlazeTV host Mark Levin illustrates in the clip below, the prosecution's key witness isn't all he's cracked up to be. And you'll be shocked at what else he is covering up.

"Based on what I've been reading and following in this case, it is a brutal rejection of what the prosecution has tried here," Levin said of the trial. "But this is what happens when you have a mob that demands mob justice."

Watch the video clip below or find more from "LevinTV" here:

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