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Levin: There is no such thing as 'humanitarian ceasefire'
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Levin: There is no such thing as 'humanitarian ceasefire'

The end game of war isn’t appeasement. Though President Biden seems to believe it is — at least in Israel’s case.

Biden has been asking Israel for “a humanitarian ceasefire,” which Mark Levin calls “appeasement by stages.”

“Sometimes you fight to the death over principles that are not negotiable, like slavery and its elimination,” Levin explains, referencing America’s Civil War. “Like your lives if you’re Jews in Israel.”

“There is no humanitarian ceasefire when you’re trying to defeat an enemy that did the things that this enemy did.”

In war, there is sacrifice. Unfortunately, this includes civilians, as Levin also points out.

“Almost 10% of all the people who died during the Civil War were civilians. Not all, but a majority of those were Southern civilians,” he explains, noting that this number was higher than in all the allied powers in World War I.

“Israel wants to survive and end terrorism. And all we hear from our so-called leaders is we need a humanitarian ceasefire,” he scoffs.

Even during World War II, the war wasn’t just focused on taking out opposing militaries — but taking out civilians as well.

“It was a battle to kill as many civilians as possible, as well as military manufacturing sites. Why? Because you wanted to take the heart, the spirit, the ideology out of the enemy. It wasn’t enough to just defeat them on the battlefield,” Levin says.

This brings Levin back to his main point: that Joe Biden doesn’t want Israel to win.

“Not completely, not utterly. He doesn’t want it to win. He wants it to do enough harm and enough damage to try and put Hamas in a box or maybe to defeat Hamas, but not so thoroughly defeat their enemy — our enemy,” Levin says.

“So, while Joe Biden is demanding, demanding that the Israelis have a ceasefire, he’s funding the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran, with a billion and a half dollars every week,” he adds.

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