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Mark Levin exposes the real 'greatest threat' to America, as Dems continue focus on Jan. 6

Mark Levin exposes the real 'greatest threat' to America, as Dems continue focus on Jan. 6

'The DNC actually unleashed the greatest assault on our republic, internally, that we've ever seen'

For more than a year now, Democrats have been using the January 6 Capitol Riot as a "political cudgel." Their goal was to stoke fear in the hearts of Americans to advance their Marxist mission, argued BlazeTV host Mark Levin on a recent episode of "LevinTV." But as the media and the Democrat Party liken that day to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, Mark exposed what he believes is the real threat to our republic: the Democrat Party and its allies in the corporate media.

"The Democrat Party, the media, and the American Marxists want to make January 6 the date that will live in infamy. They want it to be remembered like the attack on Pearl Harbor or 9/11 or the Civil War or anything of the sort, because their goal isn't really to find out how that building was breached."

"Because if they wanted to know how the building was breached, the number-one witness who'd be under oath, who'd be giving testimony, who'd have to provide her texts, her emails, and so forth and so on would be Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. It's her job primarily to protect that building. And we've had plenty of information that she was offered the National Guard from the president, that in fact some law enforcement there on the Capitol had requested National Guard, and she turned it down because she was concerned about the optics."

Levin said Pelosi has refused to provide any information about security measures leading up to and on the day of the Capitol riot and has blocked the House sergeant at arms from answering questions. Meanwhile, the Pelosi-appointed committee supposedly investigating the Jan. 6 riot has failed to ask for any information related to the House speaker or the Capitol’s inadequate security on that fateful day. Instead, they accuse former President Trump of “dereliction of duty" for not taking taking "specific and immediate action" during the Jan. 6 riot.

"Dereliction of his duty? What duty exactly?" Levin asked. "It's the duty of the House of Representatives to defend the House of Representatives. It's the duty of the speaker of the House to ask the president the United States for the National Guard. The president the United States cannot do that himself. Now, we know this because over and over and over again when the president wanted to send federal troops into Minneapolis, into Seattle, into Portland and other places that were being burned and attacked during the Democrat Party riots of two summers ago, the governors refused. The mayors refused. And the president's hands were, in many respects, tied," he added.

"Now they want you to believe that January 6 is the greatest threat ever in American history to our government. That ... challenging the results of the election [has] never been done," Levin stated. "It was done in 2000 by [Democratic presidential candidate Al] Gore ... it was done on the floor of the House of representatives, January 6, 2001, when Democrats were challenging the election of George W. Bush. It was done in 2004 when they were challenging [Bush's] re-election and claiming that [Democratic presidential candidate] John Kerry had actually won the Electoral College in a number of these states ..."

Levin went on to suggest that the most dangerous attack on the integrity of America's election system was actually "in 2016, when the Democrat Party, when the Biden and Obama administration, when the FBI and the intelligence services, and, of course, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the DNC actually unleashed the greatest assault on our republic, internally, that we've ever seen, which was the Russia collusion lie."

"The collusion wasn't between Trump and Russia. It was between the Obama administration, the the law enforcement bureaucracy in the federal government, the left-wing slip-and-fall lawyers working for Perkins Coie and the Hillary [Clinton] campaign, and the DNC. That's where the collusion was, and for two and a half years they lied to us."

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