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The border and budget are EXPLODING. Thanks, Biden.

The border and budget are EXPLODING. Thanks, Biden.

Clearly America is not doing too well. Government spending is out of control, our debt continues to grow, and our borders are being crossed daily by murderers, rapists, and drug traffickers.

While the government doesn’t seem to notice or care, Mark Levin is well aware.

“We have a full-fledged invasion going on as a result of the purposeful and intentional inaction of the Biden regime,” he says. "It’s intentional what’s going on on that southern border.”

And what is going on at the southern border?

Death, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and dangerous criminals leaving Mexico to come to America.

According to a report, almost 800 people have died at the border, and lethal drugs are pouring across it — killing up to 100,000 Americans every single year.

“We have murderers, we have rapists coming across the border — people who’ve been deported nine times, 11 times, 14 times — back in the country. We have drug cartels that now have footholds in every single state of the union. Now, this is unsustainable,” Levin says.

Levin believes the point is to turn Texas blue.

“They’ve turned Arizona blue, they’ve turned Nevada blue, they’ve turned New Mexico blue,” he says.

“And their main goal is to take out Texas. Because as I’ve said before, once Texas goes blue, the nation goes blue and there’s no turning back.”

Not only is the border completely out of control, but so is government spending.

“They want to spend an enormous amount of additional money; they don’t want to secure the border,” Levin continues.

“They’re undermining the United States military. I could go on and on with their budget priorities. Their budget priorities are to redistribute wealth, and they keep pouring trillions of dollars into the fourth branch of government: their bureaucracy, their permanent government.”

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