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CROWDER: Old black woman berates slightly younger white women at dinner

Louder with Crowder

Canadian documentary called 'Deconstructing Karen' accuses white women of white supremacy

Intellectual honesty is honesty in how we communicate ideas and pertains to any communication that involves transmitting information or persuading. Intellectual honesty means seeing and speaking the truth so others hear the truth. Steven Crowder shared a video on Tuesday's episode of "Louder with Crowder" that demonstrated the opposite of intellectual honesty.

In this video, Crowder shines a light on a Canadian documentary called "Deconstructing Karen." The film features an older black woman and slightly younger Latino woman berating slightly younger white women for their "white lady" racism—video below.

Would you trade places with a black person? That's one question posed to guests sitting around the dinner table. Crowder explains why he believes Regina Jackson and Saira Rao's RACE2DINNER — a movement to inspire white women to confront themselves and to acknowledge their racism and complicity in white supremacy — could be the most racist thing you've seen today. Video below.

Download the podcast here.

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