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"Louder with Crowder" fans were expecting the show to return to YouTube today from a seven-day suspension. The channel, however, has a strike making Crowder ineligible to run ads for 30 days. In light of YouTube's ever-changing guidelines, Crowder gave a quick explanation for why he will not stream his show on YouTube just yet.

"In constantly being attacked by YouTube for, not actual YouTube guidelines violations, but by the constant creation rather of new guidelines, I have asked YouTube to clarify their attorney's recent comments. And will give them one more week to reply," Crowder explained.

Monday, Crowder decided that today was an excellent day to articulate a mission statement to outline why "Louder with Crowder" is the show that it is today, why it matters so much to him, and why it is the only show he will ever create.

Crowder's goal is to achieve the best of both worlds when creating content for his audience. To achieve this goal, Crowder strives to create content that YouTube will not ban. To achieve his goal, Crowder must have a fighting chance to form a firm understanding of YouTube's ever-changing rules so that he can create and plan content accordingly. Alternatively, all content that goes against YouTube's guidelines has a place on MugClub.

What does Crowder strive to do with his content? He aims to be the most transparent show there is so he can focus on the content. He seeks to be the antibully and to punch up against the hard-left mainstream media. He also seeks to provide his audience with solutions instead of simply stating and restating the problems with society. (Watch the clip for more)

"On slow news days, those are the days that sometimes we take our biggest creative swings big creative and misses because we don't have to fill the show with useless crap, and I'd rather you leave informed, happy, and entertained rather than fooled and depressed," Crowder asserted.

"Louder with Crowder" is scheduled to return to YouTube Nov. 1.

Watch the clip to hear more from Crowder himself. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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