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'I don't know if I can handle it' - Pat Gray cringes at CNN anchor's abortion 'rights' MELTDOWN

Pat Gray Unleashed

Pat Gray cringed at CNN anchor Chris Cuomo melting down as he defended abortion. "I hesitate to play this next clip. I don't know if I can handle it," Pat said humorously. According to Cuomo, "pro-lifers" use the abortion issue to "divide lines, legislate to the far-right white-fright vote (...) It's just like voting rights in one way." Cuomo went on to give a convoluted overview of what he considers a threat to Roe v. Wade. "The far right only cares about humans before they are born," Cuomo said in an overconfident voice. You do not want to miss Pat's reaction.

Watch the clip below for the full rant. Can't watch? Download the full episode here.

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