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Did Tucker Carlson actually just admit to believing in aliens?

Did Tucker Carlson actually just admit to believing in aliens?

When Alex Stein asked Tucker Carlson his thoughts on extraterrestrial life, Tucker’s response didn’t disappoint.

“I believe it was Ronald Reagan who said that it would take an existential outside threat in order to bring all the nations together, so I think that they might be using aliens as a psyop to scare us. What is your opinion on aliens?” Stein asked.

“Well the whole topic has certainly been frequently used as a psyop; that's documented,” explained Tucker, referencing Project Blue Book and other similar operations.

“There's absolutely no question. The U.S. government used this story as a distraction and has lied a great deal about it,” he continued. “The question is — at the core, underneath all of that, underneath all the lying — is there something there?”

“Yes, there is, and it's been written about since we have a written record; it's been written about for thousands of years, and so, yes, there is something that is not human flying around. It is an independent intelligence. Is it extraterrestrial? I don’t think that it is ... but whatever it is, it is real.”

Tucker’s evidence comes from personally knowing some of the whistleblowers who have brought forth allegations.

“The U.S. government absolutely does have physical evidence of this (whatever it is), and we know that from 10 separate whistleblowers, a couple of whom I know,” he told Stein.

“The third thing we know is the U.S. government — the Congress specifically, including the Senate Majority Leader, including the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, and including two different committee chairmen — [is] making extraordinary efforts to prevent the UAP disclosure Act of 2023 from taking effect, from preventing the act from releasing the information to the public. They're trying really, really hard, and that's true, and I know that for a fact,” Tucker assured Stein.

“Of course, there are psyops, and they're going in many different directions. It's hard to know exactly what they are, but the core facts are: this is real; the U.S. government does have physical evidence; and they are still trying to hide it from us.”

While he’s not sure what all this adds up to, he is confident in saying that whatever the truth is, “there's dark stuff at the center of the story.”

To hear Tucker’s full analysis and his insight regarding Operation Paperclip, the moon landing, and more NASA conspiracies, watch the clip below.

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