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US government forces abortion on poor countries; ‘threatens them with extinction’
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US government forces abortion on poor countries; ‘threatens them with extinction’

Abortion has been a major point of contention here in America, but it’s stayed under the radar as it’s slipped into poorer, non-Western countries.

Medical doctor and researcher Dr. Calum Miller calls it “abortion colonialism.”

“It’s the idea that this is a new form of ideological colonialism, the way that Western countries go to non-Western countries, and they say, ‘You have to promote abortion, you have to legalize abortion, you have to put it in your schools,’” Miller tells Allie Beth Stuckey of "Relatable."

If they refuse, they’re threatened with the withholding of something — like aid money.

“They’re basically going into these countries and saying, ‘Your culture, your values, don’t matter. We know better, and you have to change them, or we’re not going to support you,’” Miller explains.

One of the “most sinister” examples of abortion colonialism occurs in places like the Pacific Islands, where the people generally are afraid of climate change, fearing if sea levels rise that their countries will disappear.

“It’s a genuine existential threat to these countries,” Miller says. Rich countries then go to these countries and tell them they “are going to vote for these pro-environmental policies that will save your countries, but only if you support abortion.”

“So, you get these sort of green people and pro-environment people who are so cynical, that care so little about the actual environment and climate change, that they’re willing to base their support for climate change policies or not based on whether the Pacific Islands want to kill their babies,” Miller explains.

“They’re basically threatening these countries with extinction unless they support abortion,” he adds.

Stuckey notes that they’ve done the same thing with the LGBTQ agenda.

“Democratic administrations have said to countries like Uganda, if you don’t repeal your laws against homosexuality,” she says, “we’re going to withhold our aid or XYZ unless you conform to our ideological positions.”

In order to stop this, “It’s not enough to cut Planned Parenthood International’s budget from $100 million to $50 million,” Miller says.

“If we want to preserve these countries and protect their cultural values and give them the tools and resources to do that, we have to be proactive in reaching out to these countries, providing them support, sending pro-life missionaries, giving them resources, giving them political support, giving them education.”

“Because the reality is that even if the U.S. government money stopped going to all of these countries around the world, you would still have millions from the Gates Foundation, from Soros, from Packard, and a bunch of others, and it would still massively outweigh anything that pro-lifers have.”

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