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WTF: US patron booted from American Airlines flight to make room for illegal immigrant

WTF: US patron booted from American Airlines flight to make room for illegal immigrant

U.S. children are being kicked out of schools to make room for illegal immigrants. Airports and other spaces are being repurposed to house illegal immigrants. American taxpayer dollars are being used to provide care and resources for illegal immigrants.

You get the picture: illegal immigrants > American citizens.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the pattern will shift anytime soon, at least while Biden remains in office.

“I could not believe what I was watching this morning when I was on Twitter,” says Sara Gonzales before playing a clip of the local news report she stumbled across.

“Airline passengers are advised to check in with your Airlines mobile app as soon as possible — up to 24 hours in advance — and arrive at the airport with at least two hours before your plane takes off. That's because asylum seekers illegally released by the Department of Homeland Security are waiting on standby for seats, and if you aren't at the boarding gate when agents start to fill empty seats, you could be bumped,” a reporter warned.

She goes on to tell the story of one patron who “had trouble checking in on the American Airlines app” but still “arrived at the airport an hour before his flight” only to find out “had been bumped from the flight.”

Sara, who’s outraged by the situation, has witnessed firsthand how illegal immigrants are given priority at airports (and everywhere else).

“They get priority through TSA ... they get to take your seat on the plane, and then they get to come to a city near you where they get to keep your kids out of school because they get a cot in your kids’ school,” she says, referring to the many incidents of American children being forced out of school to house illegal immigrants.

“The state has to be paying these airlines in some capacity,” adds BlazeTV contributor Eric July. “That’s the only reason they would bump somebody off of a plane ... They’re getting their pockets lined."

In addition to Americans being treated as second-class citizens, there’re also serious implications to consider as the 2024 presidential election draws nearer.

“What does a legitimate election even look like with 50/60/70 million illegal immigrants in your country?” asks Blaze Media digital strategist Logan Hall.

To hear more of the conversation, watch the clip below.

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