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Steve Deace: Twelve inconvenient truths we must absorb for survival

Steve Deace Show

On Tuesday, Steve Deace discussed inconvenient truths about America. In this clip, Deace delivered some brutal honesty about the times we are in that "we need to confront, acknowledge and absorb." Here are 12 truths Deace says we must accept before we can begin our mission toward change.

  1. We must see ourselves more as pilgrims rather than patriots.
  2. We must see ourselves as sons of liberty not founding fathers.
  3. America was founded as a Judeo-Christian country founded on limited government. It is now a pagan country founded on limited liberty.
  4. The constitution is a dead letter.
  5. We have wasted decades within the national Republican Party with no real fruit to show for it.
  6. We need to let go of the nostalgia for the symbols and institutions.
  7. We need to at least consider we will no longer have free and fair elections.
  8. We will imminently be banned from all mainstream platforms of significance.
  9. We need to create our own sub culture and eco system. Not a separate culture. An alternative one.
  10. There are not enough of us to completely overtake the spirit of the age. But there are too many of us for the spirit of the age to assert itself completely.
  11. When working inside the structures within the broader culture, we must see ourselves as subversives as well as servants.
  12. Revival or bust.
Watch the clip to hear Deace give on overview of each truth. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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