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ACLU already files suit against Texas 'sanctuary city for the unborn'

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Lubbock, Texas became a "sanctuary city for the unborn" on Saturday following a 62-percent majority vote that will completely outlaw abortion.

Chad Prather shared details about story on Tuesday's podcast. Lubbock was added to a list of 24-cities in the State of Texas where abortion is completely illegal. Lubbock, however, took the measure a step further. The measure will not only outlaw abortion, it will also allow a family member to sue the physician who performed the abortion. Also , a family member will have a legal pathway to sue anyone who assisted and any individual who assisted the person in getting an abortion.

CBS reported that, "The measure is aimed at outlawing abortion in the West Texas city, a move likely to prompt legal action from opponents who call it an unconstitutional ban on the procedure."

"Obviously, the ACLU is losing their minds," Chad commented. "They are already suing in court." Watch the clip for more from Chad. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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