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Norwegian Postal Service makes Christmas ad about Santa getting a boyfriend

The Chad Prather Show

Where to draw the line between Christmas as a holy day and a holiday has been debated since the dawn of the occasion's commercialization.

In this clip, Chad Prather discusses the Norwegian Postal Services' Christmas abomination called "Santa Gets a Boyfriend." The advertisement shows snippets from the life of a man named Harry. Harry writes letters to Santa each year to express his anticipation for the one night he gets to spend with Santa.

The video's message is to celebrate their right to love whomever they choose. However, Chad observes how off the mark the Norwegian Postal Service seems in lauding a married man [Santa] for cheating on his wife once a year.

Watch the clip to hear Chad say the things you are probably thinking in a way that only Chad can. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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