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Are American elites hurting the Ukrainian people as much as Putin?

Are American elites hurting the Ukrainian people as much as Putin?

There’s no doubt that the Ukrainian people are suffering, but there is doubt as to whether or not their government officials — whom we’ve been told by the propagandists are the good guys — are acting in anyone’s favor but their own.

While the media is constantly playing on the heartstrings of American’s people so that they turn a blind eye to the billions of dollars in aid America has sent to the Ukranian government, the fact remains that Ukraine is one of the dirtiest countries as far as money-laundering goes.

Glenn asks the president of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer, if this is all nothing more than just a money-laundering scheme. Schweizer says he’s concerned.

He continues, “The problem is Ukraine is led by this corrupt government,” before reminding us that Zelenskyy’s chief financial backer is an oligarch named Kolomoisky.

Kolomoisky is known to have ripped off billions of dollars in foreign aid in the past. He says it's not just the Ukrainian government we have to worry about, but the American government as well.

Schweizer says, “You have this cast of characters at the top of Ukraine, and then you have Americans who are making decisions ... who have had their hand in the trough.”

Not only have these Americans had “their hand in the trough” of Ukraine, but Russia as well. Schweizer says, “Ten years ago, the Clintons, John Podesta ... were all doing business with Vladimir Putin. ... They were taking money from oligarchs and people in Russia and Ukraine, so it is very hard not to look at this and say that there is a financial corruption component to this.”

When it comes to Ukraine, few American politicians are spared the charge of corruption.

Glenn asks his guest whether or not we’re going to track all of this and see if any of the money came back to people here in the United States.

Schweizer says that unfortunately, “that’ll be hard to do.”

What he says needs to stop is not the actual aid given to Ukraine, but the blank checks we keep handing its government.

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