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Crazy stories that prove just how insane things have become ​

Crazy stories that prove just how insane things have become ​

While the Biden administration and the mainstream media continue to insist that the economy is booming, something clearly isn’t right with that assessment — and we all know it.

But they can only keep up the lies for so long, because average Americans are starting to speak out.

In one TikTok video, a man tells his online audience about a list he got back from his controller about the tax annual assessments and values, which happens every January to February.

“I got mine just on a few of our properties, just a few of them, every single one of them are going up. Some of them are going up from 10% to 15% all the way up to 60%, 75%,” the man tells the camera. “You have no clue what this means to this industry, you have no clue what this means to every average New Yorker.”

“That’s crazy, that’s crazy,” Glenn Beck comments, disturbed.

Another TikTok video exposes the Row Hotel in New York City for making millions off of the migrant crisis.

“The Row Hotel is one of the five hotels that has been transformed into a shelter,” the narrator claims, before walking in to see the hotel for himself.

An armed guard tells him the hotel is closed, despite hoards of people mulling about inside the 27-story building.

When the narrator asks why it’s closed, the armed guard said “we just follow orders.”

The narrator continues to expose the hotel, explaining, “They had signed a contract with an outside source saying that they will pay the rent in order for them to house the migrants, and the hotels love it because it is guaranteed money.”

There are 1,331 rooms in the hotel, and each room has gone for a rate of about $200 a night.

“That is $260,000 a day, $1.8 million a week, and $7.2 million a month,” the narrator continues.

“Who’s writing that check again?” Glenn asks.

To hear more, watch the clip below.

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