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Megyn Kelly: 'Emotionally gripping interview' shows what critical race theory in classrooms is doing to our kids

The Glenn Beck Program

What worst time could you think of to pile one more thing on these children?

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On the Glenn Beck Radio Program Wednesday, Megyn Kelly details to Glenn the 'most emotionally gripping interview' she's done since launching her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show.

The interview was with a teenager from St. Louis — named Jane Doe for anonymity — who was accused by a classmate of displaying racism during a class. The evidence allegedly supports Jane Doe's denial, but her school refuses to cooperate.

Kelly explained that this tragic story and the destruction of Jane Doe's reputation provide a "tangible" example of just how destructive the Left's policies — like their push of critical race theory — can be. At a time when our children are already suffering from COVID-19 related lockdowns, school closures, and fearmongering, schools across the nation are starting to dive hard into critical race theory and its lie that white people are inherently racist.

"You can, I think, put — if not a face — at least a voice on the damage this nonsense ideology is doing to our children," Megyn said. "The suicide rate amongst our children is peaking. It's out of control, between COVID and now this. And what worst time could you think of to pile one more thing on these children, [telling them] every single white kid is a racist, every boy is full of toxic masculinity, they were born bad? And that's what this girl's school allegedly believes."

Watch the video clip below to hear more of Glenn's conversation with Megyn:

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