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Did Blaze Media just catch a J6 ‘hero’ cop in a web of lies?
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Did Blaze Media just catch a J6 ‘hero’ cop in a web of lies?

Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn was heralded as a hero for his bravery and courage on January 6th. Biden even awarded him the Presidential Citizens Medal, and several media outlets invited him on their shows to share his harrowing account of that fateful day.

But as more evidence is unearthed, it’s looking more and more like Dunn’s testimony, which he gave under oath, as well as the recount he gives in his new memoir, are “obviously disprovable" lies, says Glenn Beck.

For example, “Dunn alleged that he was called the N-word numerous times during the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, [and] almost the entirety of the media repeated his claim without any question,” Beck explains.

However, Blaze Media has acquired access to the J6 footage, although the tapes have not been approved for release, and can confirm that there is no evidence that racial slurs were hurled at Dunn on January 6th.

“This is the most video-recorded event in history, [and] not a single piece of evidence, video or audio, has even emerged to confirm that such a racially charged incident ever took place,” explains Glenn.

“In the two and a half years since the events, with tens of thousands of hours of audio taken and analyzed from open-source cell phone video and D.C. Metro Police body-worn cameras, nobody has produced recorded evidence to corroborate Dunn’s story,” he continues.

Further, “the Capitol rotunda closed-circuit TV video” has also been analyzed, and it “does not include any audio” and the “video also appears to lack any visual evidence confirming the event as Dunn described it.”

What the videos do include, however, is footage of Dunn “talking to numerous fellow officers ... sometimes smiling and sharing a cell phone video,” contrary to his claims that he sat down and cried due to the racial abuse he suffered.

One particular individual, a woman in a pink MAGA shirt who, according to Dunn’s story, called him a “f***ing N-word,” cannot be found in any of the J6 footage either.

“Analysts for Blaze Media have spent hours poring over the video recordings, looking for any individual, male or female, wearing a pink MAGA shirt inside the Capitol building, [and] we can report conclusively, based on the many camera sources available, that a woman in a pink MAGA T-shirt is never seen near or in Dunn’s vicinity,” confirms Glenn.

“Blaze Media did not find a single shirt fitting that description worn by anyone inside the building.”

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, the Sedition Hunters, which is a “a group of left-leaning activist researchers” who “assist the U.S., FBI, and Washington, D.C., Capitol Police to find those who committed crimes on January 6 ... has also failed to produce evidence of the N-word being used against Dunn or any other black police officers that day.”

The question now is: will Dunn be forced to contend with the fact that there is no evidence to authenticate his testimony — the same testimony that landed many people behind bars?

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