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Did Soros 'Republicans' make it ILLEGAL for Texas AG Ken Paxton to prosecute voter fraud?!

Did Soros 'Republicans' make it ILLEGAL for Texas AG Ken Paxton to prosecute voter fraud?!

Ken Paxton was acquitted by the Texas Senate on Saturday on 16 articles of impeachment, and some are not so happy about it.

A recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece written by the outlet's entire editorial board states, “Mr. Paxton’s defenders are spinning that he was saved by a populist national conservative groundswell to put an end to the 'Bush era' in Texas. What a joke.”

“The acquittal,” the piece continues, “may not play out so well for Texas Republicans in the longer run. A federal investigation into Mr. Paxton is continuing amid reports that a grand jury has been impaneled.”

“I’ve been investigated ever since the day I walked into this office,” Paxton tells Glenn Beck. “I have no doubt that the Biden administration would love to find some way — they’ve been working on it for years to get rid of me, and part of that process was the impeachment.”

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Paxton also mentioned that the Texas Courts of Appeals recently made it illegal for him to prosecute voter fraud.

“Is that true?” Glenn asks Paxton.

“Yes, that is correct. They struck down a law from 1951,” Paxton tells Glenn. “In 1951, the legislature directed the attorney general — it’s the only thing I have original jurisdiction on as it relates to criminal matters.”

Paxton is convinced those who struck down this law are “not Republicans.”

“They struck down this law, and it said that I don’t have the authority to go to court as attorney general because I’m in the executive branch. That was their rationale for striking down things. [It's] unconstitutional for the attorney general to be in court,” he continues.

“That is the most insane decision ever, but they did it. And now it’s up to the local DAs to prosecute,” Paxton adds.

Paxton believes this decision opens up Texas to voter fraud.

“The people of Texas need to know that.”

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