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Is Diddy a CIA operative?
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Is Diddy a CIA operative?

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been one of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry for years, but he’s just now being exposed for violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend and is accused of connections to a human trafficking ring.

So, why is it all only coming to light now?

Host of "Fearless," Jason Whitlock, believes it goes deeper than Diddy simply being a bad apple in the rap industry.

“Rap music is lyrical pornography, and we’ve mainstreamed all of these guys. And not that physical pornography is any better, but I just don’t remember Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint being invited to the White House, the Oval Office,” Whitlock tells Glenn Beck.

“I’m not shocked that Diddy and his depraved behavior from the video, beating up the woman, to the accusations of sex trafficking,” Whitlock continues. “It goes right along with rap music. It’s peanut butter and jelly.”

Glenn sees where Whitlock is going with this, explaining that Diddy reminds him of Epstein.

“I absolutely am convinced that Epstein was an agent of our government, or a government, and it’s why he got away with so much. I think he was an agent for our government. P. Diddy had cameras in every room, everybody came over, doing all kinds of stuff, he has dirt on everybody,” Glenn says, asking Whitlock, “Do you think he was an agent?”

“Yes,” Whitlock says without hesitation. “A CIA agent would be my guess, and I think that a lot of the people in the rap music industry are.”

“There’s so little talent, actual talent in rap music, and so it doesn’t require some level of skill. And so these people are clearly selected,” he adds.

And something Kanye West has said in the past supports Whitlock’s theory.

“Kanye West has said in an interview, ‘Hey look, they can’t pressure me the way they pressure some of these other artists because I’ve never committed murder,’” Whitlock explains.

Glenn isn’t surprised, especially after a conversation he had with a “good guy” who works in Hollywood and is disgusted by what happens inside it.

“He said, ‘You have no idea. It is full out almost devil worship.’ He said, ‘It is so dark in Hollywood. And the things that go on, if people knew that these documentaries are just scratching the surface of what really happens,’” Glenn recalls, adding, “That’s terrifying, just terrifying.”

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