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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Lauer speaks out about rape allegations in first interview since he was fired by NBC

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'The idea that he raped this woman is absurd'

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On the radio program Wednesday, Mediaite journalist John Ziegler joined Glenn Beck to discuss his exclusive interview with former NBC News anchor Matt Lauer.

Ziegler took a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York on Tuesday to spend the day speaking with Lauer about the events that ultimately saw him fired from NBC in 2017, and the recent rape allegations against him as detailed in Ronan Farrow's new book, "Catch and Kill".

"Matt Lauer, as you guys obviously know, was one of the biggest media stars in the world in November of 2017," Ziegler said. "[He] got fired in the midst of the post-Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo situation, and has never done an interview of any kind since then. And now, with Ronan Farrow's new book alleging that he raped a former NBC producer named Brooke Nevils in the Sochi Olympics in 2014 -- something she never claimed before by any evidence until she spoke to Ronan Farrow, which I don't think is coincidental ... he [Lauer] called me about a week and a half ago and said, 'Can we talk?' And I said, 'sure'."

After his lengthy interview with the disgraced former NBC host, Ziegler said he developed doubts about the alleged sexual assault.

"This is a man who admits to making enormous mistakes," Ziegler told Glenn. "I grilled him over those, and, I'll just say it because, you know, this is the way I am, I am convinced that the idea that he raped this woman is absurd. And I think that there are people who are very, very, very close to the story and to her, who know the allegation is absurd and they have not been willing to come forward publicly. They have done so privately. I would urge them to come forward publicly and tell the real truth of what happened here."

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