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Glenn Beck: Great Reset proponents are war-gaming massive 'CYBER PANDEMIC' — here's what that means for YOUR financial future

Glenn Beck: Great Reset proponents are war-gaming massive 'CYBER PANDEMIC' — here's what that means for YOUR financial future

What will they come up with next?

For years, elites around the globe have laid the foundation for a "Great Reset" of capitalism and have taken advantage of every crisis that has arisen, but their ability to fear-monger the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to fade. So, what will they come up with next?

Justin Haskins, editorial director of the Heartland Institute, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to discuss a recent simulation done by proponents of the Great Reset that may hint at what's to come: an international, digital currency. This time, world elites led a 10-country "war game" of a major cyberattack on the global financial system as reasoning to "increase cooperation" between world markets and big banks.

"The World Economic Forum and others started rolling out this narrative that there's the possibility that a 'cyber pandemic' ... could shut down the entire global economy. And the only way that we would be able to fight this off is if we all coordinate and if we build this globalist sort of multi-lateral movement to protect our financial institutions," Justin explained.

"So they had this big, war-game meeting earlier in December. They've been planning it for a year. Major players from all over the world were there, including the International Monetary Fund, the United States Treasury officials, Switzerland, Germany, the United Arab Emirates — all these people have been involved in the Great Reset in one form or another — the World Bank, Bank of International Settlements. And they ran a bunch of war games where cyber attacks would occur on the financial system ... that would cause people to lose faith in the financial system. And then the only way that they could fix it would be for them to build these multi-lateral frameworks that would help them come together to stop these issues. They called it 'collective strength.'"

Haskins went on to explain how fear of this "cyber pandemic" could be used to usher in a new digital international currency and what this means for your financial security. Watch the video clip below for more details.

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