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Glenn Beck / RFK Jr. interview going viral — especially the part when Kennedy says how Fauci avoided jail time ...

Glenn Beck / RFK Jr. interview going viral — especially the part when Kennedy says how Fauci avoided jail time ...

Last week, Glenn Beck sat down with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for an extensive interview. The duo broached a wide range of subjects, including the World Economic Forum, NATO, the conflicts in Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Gaza, climate change, and of course, Big Pharma — which Kennedy has been incredibly outspoken about.

On that subject, Kennedy was quick to bring up the absurdity of how COVID-19 was handled, starting with Donald Trump.

“During COVID ... President Trump got rolled by his bureaucrats, and he came in saying, ‘I’m a businessman, I’m gonna run this place like a business,' [so] he gave the keys to all of our shops and stores and businesses to Tony Fauci and shut down 3.3 million businesses,” he told Glenn.

Glenn agreed wholeheartedly and followed with a question we all want answered: “What do you do to restore the trust [in the medical industry]?”

“What we now know because of the Wuhan lab ... [is] they’re messing with Ebola and they’re messing with Chikungunya and all of these really horrific diseases ... with 50%, 20%, 10% [mortality rates],” he told Glenn, adding that “of course some of them escape every year.”

Who’s behind this atrocity?

If you guessed Anthony Fauci, you’re correct.

Kennedy explained that when the Patriot Act was passed, it mandated “that any federal officer or employee who violates [the Geneva Convention or the 1973 Bioweapons Convention] cannot be prosecuted.”

“That relaunched the bioweapons arms race,” he said. The Pentagon “started redirecting all that money to Anthony Fauci to do bioweapons research.”

“So, why isn’t he in jail?” Glenn asked.

“He’s not in jail because Joe Biden is president,” was Kennedy’s frank answer.

That honesty perked up the ears of news outlets such as the New York Post and the Daily Mail, which published articles covering Glenn and Kennedy’s candid conversation.

To see the full interview, watch the video below.

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