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Glenn RIPS CNN for absurd claim that America is not a republic: 'I guarantee your head will EXPLODE'

Glenn RIPS CNN for absurd claim that America is not a republic: 'I guarantee your head will EXPLODE'

CNN has zero qualms when it comes to deception, but even Glenn Beck is shocked at its latest lie.

“We apparently are not a republic,” he says, referencing a recent claim made by the media outlet. “I guarantee your head will explode on this CNN clip.”

The footage documents CNN's Donie O'Sullivan asking Trump supporters about Biden being a “threat to democracy.” Many of those he interviewed had a similar message: “America is not a democracy; it’s a republic.”

Which, of course, is absolutely correct.

But not according to Mr. O’Sullivan.

“To hear Americans — people who would describe themselves as patriots — say that America is not a democracy, that stopped me in my tracks,” he told historian Anne Applebaum, who agreed.

“America is a democracy; it was founded as a democracy,” she said. “You are hearing people say America is not a democracy because there are people around Trump who want them to be saying that, who've been planting that narrative.”

To say Glenn is horrified would be an understatement.

“We are a republic and 'to the Republic for which it stands,'” he corrects.

So, where’s this confusion about democracy coming from?

“We are a democracy on voting day — one man one vote ... but what you're not doing is voting on every single law. You are voting for a representative, and that representative represents you in the republic,” Glenn clarifies, noting that “people don’t understand the difference.”

And for those who don’t understand why a republic is infinitely better than a traditional democracy, Glenn has an answer for that too.

“A democracy only country will fail every time because all you need is to whip enough people into a frenzy, schedule a vote, and they'll vote the way you want them to vote,” whereas “a republic understands that people can't understand every single issue and be voting on every single issue,” he explains, adding that a republic is designed to “slow the process down” and “give reason a chance.”

But unfortunately, the “faceless bureaucrats” in Washington, D.C., don’t like slowing down, using reason, or respecting the constitutional rights of the people.

“The EPA, the ATF, the housing people, the FED ... you never elected any of those people, and it's okay if they are hired to be in there to make the system work, but instead, they're making the rules, which become laws,” says Glenn. “Only Congress can make laws, but we don't do that anymore.”

“That's why we have to restore the republic.”

To hear more of Glenn’s analysis and watch CNN footage that’s bound to make your blood boil, watch the clip below.

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