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Glenn says THIS is the thing NOBODY got right in last night’s GOP debate

Glenn says THIS is the thing NOBODY got right in last night’s GOP debate

Last night’s second GOP debate left a lot of people wanting.

That includes Glenn Beck.

“I want to talk about one other thing that they talked about last night, and it really pissed me off,” he tells Stu Burguiere.

What Glenn is referring to is “the striking workers in Detroit.”

“Nobody got it right,” he says.

“I have no sympathy for the auto makers, the manufacturers,” Glenn explains. “Why? Because they got into bed with the federal government in '08 with the bailout.”

Glenn also has “no sympathy for the United Auto Workers union” because “those guys went in deep for Joe Biden.”

“There's a reason why these auto worker unions are doing this,” says Glenn. “We're going into a global economy where we will unionize all countries all across the world. And guess who will get that extra income? The United Auto Workers and all the other [unions].”

“You know why they want so much money and they want now a four-day workweek and everything else?” Glenn asks. “Because they know their jobs are gone.”

And while Glenn is “all for pay raises,” it’s problematic when Biden makes these pay raises happen by “just printing more money,” which causes inflation.

Further, these workers are asking for approximately “$135 an hour,” when “the most expensive auto build is $60 or $65 an hour.”

But Joe Biden is all for this massive pay increase. Why? Because he intends to “put the Big Three auto workers out of business.”

Paying workers $135 an hour will dramatically increase “the money that it will cost the average person to buy [a] car,” which means “you won't buy American cars.”

Then “the government will make new incentives and print more money and try to offset that cost so you'll buy American,” explains Glenn. “You're in the death cycle.”

“Why will no one say this in a debate?” he asks. “Why will no one actually talk about inflation and what is causing inflation?”

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