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Google whistleblower warns 'DeepMind' technology is the AI 'equivalent of the Manhattan Project'

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'Google doesn't have borders on its technology'

Former senior software developer at Google and whistleblower Zach Vorhies joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Monday to share truly shocking information about the relationship between Google and Communist China, and to reveal the truth about the tech giant's subversive artificial intelligence project known as "DeepMind," which many are calling the "AI Manhattan Project."

"China has access to Google's infrastructure because ... their AI technology has no borders," Vorhies told Glenn. "And I think that it's an important question that we need to start asking, is how much access does China have to this very important intellectual property?"

Vorhies explained that Google is developing AI for worldwide internet surveillance with DeepMind, technology he warns is the AI "equivalent of the Manhattan Project."

"What Deep Mind is, is a general transferable intelligence," he said. "So, when someone makes a machine-learning intelligence program, it's usually trained on to just one problem, let's just say chess, or let's say checkers. But a transferable AI is able to take the intelligence that is grown towards the specific problem set and then transfer to a related problem set," he said.

Glenn asked if transferable AI is synonymous with "Artificial General Intelligence" or AGI.

"Yes," confirmed Vorhies. "And that general intelligence will be adept at many different tasks, possibly the entire spectrum of human tasks that people do today. It could be done by this one machine and it has in its access, all the public information on the internet. Plus, all of the hidden information that Google has stored in its data servers."

"So the Chinese government then, the military, has access to all of the information in America?" Glenn asked.

"Yes, because Google doesn't have borders on its technology," Vorhies answered.

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