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Ukraine probe: Why Joe Biden won't answer questions about his son Hunter and Burisma gas company

The Glenn Beck Program

Why would the Ukrainian gas company hire Hunter Biden in the first place?

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On the Glenn Beck Radio Program Monday, Glenn and Stu discussed former Vice President Joe Biden's seemingly incompetent campaign staff who still haven't answered any of the much-asked questions regarding his or his son's involvement in Ukraine.

Case in point, why would the Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, hire Hunter Biden in the first place? Hunter had zero experience in the gas industry, was struggling with serious substance abuse, and was in and out of rehab the entire time he was employed by the Ukrainian company. And they paid their troubled new-hire a reported $50,000 a month — though it may have been more than $200,000 a month.

"You are Burisma. You are a Chinese corporation associated with the national government. You're a bank," Stu said. "You're tightly tied to the government and you're just going to hire Hunter Biden? With no experience, with no obvious reason why he would be hired, and he will be paid, not $50,000 a month ... but much, much more than that. It seems like it was more than $200,000 a month to do these duties.

"All that aside, the guy is just plainly a mess. OK? And a lot of us are a mess. I'm not saying this to beat the guy up. We all have our issues. But Hunter has a specific set of issues that would not indicate he should be hired for a high-level position anywhere, even at Cinnabon."

Stu walks through the timeline of Hunter Biden's battles with addition — and it's quite extensive.

Watch the video below:

UKRAINE SCANDAL: Why did Burisma Hire Hunter Biden? The Rehab Timeline of Joe Biden's Sonyoutu.be

Watch the full episode here.

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