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If you want to ensure a future of freedom for your children and grandchildren, THIS is how you do it

If you want to ensure a future of freedom for your children and grandchildren, THIS is how you do it

When you piece together everything currently going on in our nation, it’s “a pretty bleak picture,” says Glenn Beck.

We’re at a breaking point in America – a point where “the death of the Republic and the death of … the American experiment” are knocking on our door.

People fear that war is coming, but “we are at war” already, says Glenn, “a spiritual war primarily.”

But our fight is not against “flesh and bone” but rather “true evil,” he explains.

“I have children,” and “I have grandchildren, and I’m desperate for them to live a full, happy, comfortable life, even if it means I give my life or I give up all that I have,” says Glenn.

The truth is there are millions of Americans who can empathize with this fear. We want our children and their children to be promised freedom and opportunity in the days ahead, but the future is anything but certain in our current political climate.

“We are in what possibly is the final battle for the American way of life,” says Glenn.

So what do we do? If we want to ensure a future of freedom for those who come after us, then what action do we need to take?

For starters, we can learn from the people all over the nation who are boldly, courageously speaking out against the darkness.

“There are parents all over this country that are standing up,” says Glenn, and calling out “the insanity in our schools.”

“There are doctors all over the country” who are “standing up and risking their license” by refusing to condone the “mutilation of children” and forced vaccinations, for example.

There are “scientists that are standing up, that know that science is based on provable fact.”

There are “actors and actresses and writers and directors and gaffers and cinematographers and stage people that have had enough of the insanity.”

And Glenn asks, “Have you noticed the number of whistleblowers” who have suddenly come forward?

The bottom line is: You have a voice. Use it.

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