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Beck: The January 6 committee lied to us

Beck: The January 6 committee lied to us

For over two years now, the narrative that the January 6 committee has been pushing has dominated our television screens.

Cherry-picked clips have been flashed daily to demonize the men and women who attended the rally.

And finally, the truth is coming out.

Tucker Carlson has received the clips that the left and its allies in the media didn’t want you to see and has begun airing them to the public.

And let’s just say that those who knew we were being lied to about what really happened on January 6 have been vindicated.

One of the most famous clips circulating was that of Senator Josh Hawley running out of the Capitol building. Mainstream media blasted him, calling him a “coward.” However, the clip had been heavily edited.

Carlson says the clip was “propaganda, not evidence,” before showing the rest of the clip. The clip showed more lawmakers running before Hawley — who was at the back of the pack — all being escorted out of the building by Capitol police.

Glenn Beck is not amused. He responds to the now released clip: “Our flag is supposed to stand for justice for all. Josh Hawley didn’t get any justice, but he’s the least of your worries. Will the people on the January 6 committee, led by Adam Schiff, a guy we already know lied about Russian collusion — is that man going to face impeachment? Is there justice for all?”

As Glenn said, Hawley’s story is the least of our worries.

The famous Shaman from the January 6 riot, who has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison, was helped by Capitol police.

That’s right. He was escorted around the Capitol building by police, who even tried to open locked doors for him.

Beck responds, “They were clearly assisting him. Now how did that guy get four years in prison, when he was being escorted by police?”

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