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Millennials say 'Secret Santa' is too stressful, should be banned in the workplace: poll

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Unless, of course, your employer foots the bill

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More than 1 in 3 millennials in the workplace (35%) said "Secret Santa," the holiday tradition of exchanging gifts at the office, should be banned because it causes anxiety, according to a recent study by a British online job board called Jobsite.

Interestingly, 67% of millennials surveyed agreed office gift-giving is "good for morale," but 27% said that their employers should foot the bill.

"[O]ne in five (20%) workers believe that such events should not be celebrated at all in the workplace and 35% of millennials would even like to see them banned," said the Jobsite report.

"A significant proportion of young workers feel like the business should shoulder the burden — rather than adding to the pressures of individual employees," the report added. "Millennials in employment particularly agree, with 24% asking for dedicated company budgets to avoid chipping in."

On Tuesday's "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere (filling in for Glenn this week) highlighted the plight of our young "Christmas snowflakes" and the anxiety-inducing tradition of "Secret Santa."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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