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Mitch McConnell's latest freeze-up sheds light on a MUCH BIGGER issue

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We talk a lot about politics on here, but when it comes to Sen. Mitch McConnell, politics need to be set aside.

Back in July, McConnell froze mid-speech at a news conference, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a one-time incident.

This past Wednesday in Covington, Kentucky, McConnell froze again when reporters asked him whether he was planning on running for re-election.

Like him or not, the man clearly has glaring health concerns that should prevent him from serving.

“This is not about politics. It's about our country,” says Glenn Beck. “For the love of Pete, resign.”

“The man is clearly suffering,” adds Stu Burguiere.

But Mitch McConnell’s unfortunate situation sheds light on a much bigger issue.

“It shows you the power of the machine,” says Glenn. “They'd rather have somebody like him who's no longer capable of doing it themselves because then they can just do what they want.”

But the reality is that term limits are “among the most popular policy proposals in our discourse— we're talking about 80% support across the board,” says Stu.

And Republicans are not the only ones who are pushing for policies that will prevent Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein-like situations from happening; Democrats and Independents are as well.

Unfortunately, with the way things are currently set up, “Mitch McConnell could run today, and they'd still vote him in,” says Glenn.

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