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New evidence TEARS APART Biden's claim that he had Ukrainian prosecutor FIRED over corruption

The Glenn Beck Program

President Biden’s Ukraine corruption lies are starting to unravel.

Glenn Beck warns that this means it’s time to peacefully stand up and “make sure that your voices are heard in a chorus all over the country.”

“It looks like fascism is coming, and it’s gonna come faster and faster because the Biden thing is falling apart,” he adds.

Biden’s story had been that he threatened to withhold a loan to Ukraine only because the prosecutor, Shokin, was not meeting anti-corruption standards.

“This is now provable lies on multiple levels,” Glenn says, noting that we now know that it was around two weeks before Biden told his story that his son was in a Burisma meeting talking about how that same prosecutor was snooping into Burisma and asking questions about Hunter.

“Within two weeks this incident happens where he goes and he says, ‘I want this guy fired,’” Glenn adds.

Documents report that the State Department had defended Shokin, saying that Biden’s claims were not true.

Now, there’s new evidence.

“We have evidence from the EU, where the EU concluded Shokin had met benchmarks on anti-corruption reforms. In fact, it’s pretty glowing what they write about him,” Glenn says.

“Remember,” he continues, “this narrative came out because what did Donald Trump do? Donald Trump said ‘Hey,’ he calls up the president in Ukraine, ‘I want you to find out what’s going on because there is corruption with Biden and I want you to look into it.’ He knew this was happening.”

Democrats called this election interference.

“That’s what the press sold you,” Glenn says, adding that “eventually, as we did our homework on this during the trial, we laid it all out on a huge chalkboard and said Biden is doing exactly what he’s saying that Trump was doing.”

“And this whole firing of Shokin smells really bad,” he adds.

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