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Bill O'Reilly: Put gun criminals away and leave law-abiding gun owners alone

Bill O'Reilly: Put gun criminals away and leave law-abiding gun owners alone

'THAT solves the gun violence problem.'

Bill O'Reilly joined Glenn Beck on Friday's radio program to talk about the " real problem" behind the shooting that targeted police officers in Philadelphia. Repeat offenders and drug dealers using guns to unleash violence on communities is the problem -- and they should be put away in federal prison for 10 years minimum, said Bill.

"So, Bill, let's start with Philadelphia because that's a story that kind of went by the wayside, and I think it's a crazy story -- a crazy story about the suspect that now is in custody," Glenn said. "Six officers were shot. It was a standoff in Philadelphia ... some of the people in Philadelphia were at some point, you know, mocking the police as they're in this shoot-out. I mean, it's crazy."

"Okay, there are four or five things to this story, all right? Number one, Barack Obama made a very big show out of telling the American people that most drug crimes are non-violent. I went through the roof, when he did that," Bill said. "The narcotics industry in America is the most violent industry we have, which is why the Mafia chieftains in the '50s and '60s wouldn't even deal with it. Even though they could have made gazillions of dollars, it was so nasty they wouldn't even deal with it.

"Okay, so this guy [suspect] is a drug dealer. He has all kinds of guns in his apartment," he continued. "And when the Philadelphia police execute a warrant, he starts shooting at them. Okay, look at his record. Do you know how many times he's convicted of violent felonies including gun-crimes? He's serving two years here, two and a half years there -- this is a dangerous man. He should have been away for 30 or 40.

Bill added, "I have said for years that if you commit a crime with a firearm in this country, you go to federal prison for ten years mandatory first conviction. That solves the gun violence problem. How many decades do I have to say this? How many times do I have to say it? If you're a criminal using a gun in a crime, it becomes a federal crime and of you have a mandatory ten. That stops gun violence. I get so angry because the rest of this gun stuff is BS. It's political posturing. You want to solve it, you put the criminals with guns in prison for ten years. That's what you do!"

Watch this clip to find out what else Bill had to say on the subject.

Watch the full episode here.

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